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Alfa Consulting Group possesses a unique blend of expertise, worldwide connections, and industry knowledge in order to help you make smart business and investment decisions.

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When we founded ACG, we were looking to create a company that was focused on unique quality services, providing professional expertise and giving our customer a confident future. Using our industry knowledge, we are actively working to create opportunities and improve prospects in business for our foreign clients, representing their interests in the United States.

Working on three continents for more than 25 years with people from diverse cultures allowed us to combine our knowledge and best practices to offer optimal solutions to our clients. With genuine operational know-how and broad expertise gained from many years of providing multidisciplinary services, makes our company an exceptional partner. Moreover, our professionals are some of the most experienced leaders in their fields, which include business development, management consulting and law.

On behalf of the entire team at Alfa Consulting Group, I thank you for the opportunity to present my company to you. We would be honored to serve your needs now and in the future.

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Personalized Roadmaps Built Exactly To Your Needs

Alfa Consulting Group possesses a unique blend of expertise, worldwide connections, and knowledge to help you make smart business and investment decisions.



Current Investments

Years Experience

Real Estate

Business Development



Investment Opportunities


Creating a

Better Future

  1. Assessment of Current Situation
  2. Benchmarking
  3. Action Plan Development
  4. Organizational Structure
  5. Strategy Implemtation
  6. Operation Management
  7. Monitoring System

Strong Team




Impeccable Service

Client's Needs First

Real Estate

  • Brokerage
  • Acquisition
  • Development
  • Management of Property

Legal Representation

  • Wide range of In-House Legal Services
  • International Law Expertise
  • Corporate Law Expertise
  • Real Estate Law Expertise

Investment Opportunities

  • Investment Management
  • Personalized Investment Opportunities
  • Investment Portfolio Development


What We Can Do For You

With over 25 years working with high net worth individuals, we’ve built strong relationships, and deep indsutry knowledge allowing us to give our clients a head start when starting a life in the US.

Our team has specialists in every sector and will be happy to assist your transition into the US market.

Family Office

  • 15Wealth Management
  • Lifestyle Management
  • Public Relations
  • Philanthropic Advisory

Educational Advisory

  • Boarding Schools
  • Universities in USA
  • Summer Schools and Camps
  • Language Schools

Immigration Services

  • US Investor Visa
  • Green Card Opportunities
  • Education, Travel, Business,
  • Tourism Opportunities



David Datuna

Is a New York-based conceptual artist focused on the convergence of art and social consciousness. He is most widely known for his Viewpoint of Millions series that explores the sources and meaning of cultural identity from each unique point of view. We are proud to be promoting Mr. Datuna’s art and unique point of view on the world.

Zeckendorf Development

We are working with Zeckendorf Development on projects such as 520 Park Avenue and 50 United Nations Plaza. We represent them exclusively.


Is a unique provider of financial services and bitcoin Terminal networks globally. As a long-distance international provider, QuickPay is well positioned to expand its products to selling bitcoin, developing its own block chain currency, e wallet, check cashing, pre-paid advertising and potentially data analytics.

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